the rapier
the rapier
the rapier

the rapier

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a delicate defence cutting through the air with ease and confidence, the rapier is a finesse weapon requiring grace and strength. a blade, sure, but a beautiful one and elevated toward a higher purpose. with all due ceremony, personal ambition and independence will always serve best.


the rapier is inspired by the queen of swords.


this sword is hand forged and fabricated from hilt to tip from sterling silver and hand carved ebony. every part is handmade and bears marks of that process.

ebony is a rare hardwood, it is viewed as a protective, powerful wood and encompasses symbols of purity, balance, and luck.

this sword can be worn pinned to clothing or as a pendant. the handmade pin backing leaves room to also act as a bale giving this piece more diversity for styling.

the wood hilt is finished with locally sourced beeswax wood polish then fixed in place with jeweller's epoxy.

the swords should never come into contact with water. these pieces are delicate in nature and should not be crushed or treated in a rough way. try to avoid handling them by the wooden parts to ensure the epoxy is left undisturbed, ensuring a long life.
swords should also never be left in the sun to avoid bleaching the natural wood.


sterling silver will tarnish over time. this piece should not be dipped in silver polish of any kind. a silver polishing cloth can gently remove any tarnish on the silver components.

the rapier is 10.5cm long


this article of adornment should never be used as a weapon or to promote violence.