Flickerwood Forge is the entrepreneurial endeavour of Rowwie McKeown. 

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, surrounded by the natural magic of a temperate rainforest and grounded in the salt soaked beaches of her coastal home, Rowwie is a maker at heart.
A metalsmith with a background in fibre arts and a love of stained glass, she wields many tools to create unique one of a kind pieces suited to anyone with an esoteric bent and a love of handmade.

Rowwie grew up listening to the clang of hammers on metal in her mother's workshop and developed a knack for pushing her ideas into the world through her hands early with a love for sewing. Eventually Rowwie began making soft sculpture with mixed media, her materials merging fibre with harder mediums like metal and plastics. This led to attending the VCC jewellery art and design full time program where Rowwie tuned into jewellery arts and never looked back. She left VCC with the Anthony Gallop Entrepreneurial Award for entrepreneurial spirit, combining creativity in design and production.

Since then, Rowwie has learned from a variety of jewellery industry professionals and curated an impressive collection of rocks. 
Rowwie lives in the qathet Region of the Upper Sunshine Coast with her husband and cat where she tries not to set her bench on fire and regularly creates original, award winning stained glass. Occasionally, she still makes soft sculpture.

Recently Rowwie has branched out with illustrative design pursuits and hopes to add more in that range soon.

Please feel free to reach out to Rowwie with any questions regarding her commission or market schedule, if you have a local vendor or submission opportunity, or any general interest questions.


Rowwie can be found at the Pxwell River Farmers Market on Sundays, May through September with some dates around the Winter holiday season. 

All art handmade, packaged, and posted from Flickerwood Forge is done so on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish People, specifically the ɬaʔamɩn gɩǰɛ (Tla'amin nation). čɛčɛhaθɛč (I thank you).

Everything Rowwie creates is made by hand, utilising decades of skill development and without the assistance or use of generative AI.