Briar Window-Sky
Briar Window-Sky
Briar Window-Sky
Briar Window-Sky
Briar Window-Sky

Briar Window-Sky

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A floral tangle, a brief step in the cycle of growth that may soon bear fruit...

The brambles of the wood can be seen from her window and she wonders aloud to whomever is currently listening in if she'll have to have another stern word to keep them from her own garden again this year. 
They have their space, their uses, but as beautiful and protective as they are, too much of a good thing and all... 
she tsks to the room and the small bird in the rafters nods it's head in agreement.

This pendant features a blue kyanite cabochon with lovely silvery striations throughout the stone.

Kyanite is often thought to inspire good communication and possess cleansing properties. It comes from the greek word "kyanos" meaning deep blue but was once called disthene, which means "two strengths".

The back of the stone setting is open to allow light to pass through, illuminating the pearly sheen kyanite often has.

The frame is patinated inside with a polished hammered finish outside.
Over time natural tarnish will set in the crevasses, this will enhance the look of the piece, as intended. A polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish from the high points ensuring a beautiful aesthetic for a very long time.

This piece should not be dipped in silver cleaner.

Kyanite at a 4.5 on the moh's scale of hardness is a fairly soft stone, try to avoid cracking it against hard surfaces.

This briar window pendant will hang about 2.7cm from the chain.