Are you taking on custom orders?

-That depends on the project and the current workload.

Best answer is to send me an email, describe your project, your deadline, your budget, and see if I'm willing to take it on at this time.

Custom projects are taken at my discretion even if my books are open.


Why don't you ship outside of Canada?

-The short answer is that I do. The long answer is that my options for shipping are limited by the platform and the pandemic. I'm not willing to subject someone to waiting for shipping outside of North America right now because the cost and time are astronomical, but reach out to me if you're in the USA. I do have options for you and I am regularly shipping to America. In most cases shipping to the states is between $20-$35 CAD. 
There are shipping rates for several countries and you're welcome to move forward with your purchase. I can't in good conscience guarantee any shipping estimates made by the website or Canada Post in the current climate. 


My country isn't listed in the shipping options!

- I'm sorry, it's not personal. Given the lasting effects of the pandemic it's hard to offer shipping worldwide right now. The countries listed in my shipping options are countries that are viewing my work and solely based on marketing and analytics data. If there's a piece you're dying to add to your collection please reach out to me. The shipping options are not prejudicial. I will have to get shipping information to give you a realistic cost and time estimate. Thank you for your patience.


I see local pickup as an option, how does that work?

- Local pickup is mainly just for stained glass because I won't ship it, currently. Other website items are available for local pick, please reach out.


I see stained glass in photos but not on the website, are they available for purchase?

-The stained glass in the photos and on my personal instagram (@flickerwoodforge) are generally available for purchase but not for shipping. All stained glass is for local pick up only. Please reach out if there is a specific glass piece you're interested in. 

Are you available for my market?

- I would love to apply for your market, please contact me directly for availability. Just send along your application information!


Can I share your images on my blog?

- Please contact me for permissions and photo use. All images and works on this site and both of my instagram accounts are my own and for my own use. I will release images for use on blogs (etc.) under certain restrictions and the best way to do that is to contact me.


Will you make this jewellery piece that I found a picture of on Pinterest/Instagram/Google?

- I will not plagiarise other artists work and represent it as my own. If you find a piece you're in love with I strongly suggest finding and reaching out to the individual responsible rather than approaching other artists for recreation. 

Talk to me about returns?

Returns are subject to approval and a restocking/cleaning fee of 30% within 14 days of arrival. Sale items are final sale. Earrings are final sale due to the nature of the way they are worn. If there is a problem with your order please reach out. Made to order items are final sale.


I have the best sticker idea!

-Rad, feel free to leave me a comment or DM on Instagram @flickerwoodforge I'm always open to some inspiration and love hearing from different folks.

Why did you rebrand?

-It was time. Flickerwood Forge feels more like something that is mine than CrossedPromise ever has, in 20 years of business. I am as rooted in the imaginary world I've created and developed for years as anything else, but so much more so than I ever had been under my old branding. As my business has changed over the years to suit my needs I wanted to shift my branding, change the name. I was afraid to give up years of brand building and SEO. As I settled into what it is now, primarily hand forged jewellery and stained glass, I felt even more disconnected from CrossedPromise. Flickerwood Forge is a testament to where I am now as an artist and maker, finally unafraid to forge myself into something new, something I always wanted.