Briar Window-Crystal
Briar Window-Crystal
Briar Window-Crystal

Briar Window-Crystal

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Even the smallest of plants can have deep roots...

This pendant features a raw quartz crystal with beautiful clarity
quartz is believed to have qualities that filter negativity through it's naturally clear windows and terminated facets.

The frame is patinated inside with a polished finish outside.
Over time natural tarnish will set in the crevasses, this will enhance the look of the piece over time. a polishing cloth can be used to remove tarnish from the high points ensuring a beautiful aesthetic for a very long time.

This piece should not be dipped in silver cleaner or made wet.

Quartz is quite hardy but anything made with an adhesive should be treated with care.
the natural crystal is in a nice tight setting with jeweller's epoxy and a solid cap of resin to protect it from moving, but if it's wiggled around it will wear at the setting and create space making it less safe and shortening it's otherwise long life.

This briar window pendant will hang about 4.5cm from the chain.