Forest Familiar-Fish-Black
Forest Familiar-Fish-Black
Forest Familiar-Fish-Black
Forest Familiar-Fish-Black
Forest Familiar-Fish-Black

Forest Familiar-Fish-Black

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In the forest, a deep part near the river, is a pool. 
The pool is fed by the river but otherwise quite secluded. It is in a patch of trees that isn't quite as thick as the areas around it so it remains fairly untouched by visitors.
All is well because it is home to a school of fish and they're quite happy as they are, thank you.
They enjoy the sunbeams that stretch to warm their pool and appreciate the smooth stones along the bottom. Leafy aquatic plants grow here that provide shade and areas to rest their scaly bodies.
The black fish swims with purpose and loves to push her favourite pebbles into particularly shimmery patches of sunlight where she watches them glint in the bright day from shady settings close by. Her organisation is admired by the other fish but while her friends flit about she's content with a job well done. 

She is watching now, from under that leaf there, the light just catching her eyes which gaze contentedly over her domain.

This sculpture is entirely hand stitched from wool felt.
Each glass bead is hand stitched in.

This piece is 5 inches long 

It can be spot cleaned with lukewarm water but should never be immersed or have detergents or bleach used on it.

this is a one of a kind art piece, not a toy. it is not safe for children.

If you'd like to hang this piece please reach out to me before hand and let me know, we can discuss ways it can be displayed and I can alter it to suit.