Palm Seed
Palm Seed

Palm Seed

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"Little one, you have fallen behind." She smiles and cups the seed in her palm. Her intention that it should flourish is poured into the tiny life she holds. 

Such finicky little things, but so necessary. What this seed becomes may feed or heal any number of creatures that cross her threshold in the coming seasons. All things have their time, though some need a little extra attention to realise it. We are all that way sometimes, it doesn't bother her. 

A crack in the casing and a small bit of green unfurls. 
"There you are, you made it."

Her calm is infectious and as she pats this sprout in amongst it's kin, they all feel the forest breathe a sigh of welcome around them. 

Sterling silver necklace fixed on a sterling silver chain. 

The palm and seedling are hand forged to form the silhouette. 

The palm is about 6cm across.