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I don't know where I lost the path when I found it but the woods I was used to had slipped away and in a small clearing, darkened by the density of trees around it, I saw the portal. 
Stepping through to the wood beyond I heard the sounds of creatures and critters who cared to notice a stranger stepping into their home. Some took no notice, some slept, a few pretended otherwise while stealing glances, and at least one wouldn't stop staring. 

The Flickerwood surrounded me and the atmosphere, thick with the curious and dubious alike, felt alive. From the earth, heavy with root systems, to the creatures making their homes in the trees, there was intelligence here that did not exist in the forest I was accustomed to. I can hear my heart beating rapidly in my ears, the heat of knowing I am not necessarily welcome but won't be turned away. I am a stranger here, it is clear they don't see many visitors.

This is a place for getting lost, for being found, a forest of familiars for those who might seek them.
The path here is not easy to find, much like anything worthwhile, it steps into your life when you're ready. It found me and the Flickerwood will lead if I will follow...

I step forward, carefully, leaving the portal behind to see who I might meet.

Sterling silver ring featuring a 16mm dendritic agate slice. 

Beautiful, delicate, and low profile, with a natural stone.

This ring is a size  8.75. 

Dendritic agate is a stone of peaceful surroundings, it encourages us to enjoy each moment as it comes. 
With a Mohs hardness of 6.5-7 this ring would best suit a protected finger on your non dominant hand.

This ring has a small amount of patina in the details of the design, it should not be cleaned in silver dip. 
Keeping it in it's sealed bag with the included anti tarnish paper is best when it's not being worn. 

Please reach  out with questions prior to purchase.
This ring is one of a kind and can not be recreated though other dendrite stones may be available in my stock and similar pieces could be made in your size.