Flickerwood-stacking ring (single)
Flickerwood-stacking ring (single)
Flickerwood-stacking ring (single)
Flickerwood-stacking ring (single)
Flickerwood-stacking ring (single)

Flickerwood-stacking ring (single)

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Sticks with markings next to trees start to become less random to my eye the more I see them. 
Are they names? Addresses? 
Notches in smooth bark on neatly trimmed pieces, stuck in the ground near some trees but not others.
Who put them there?
The Flickerwood clearly has a sense of community, but am I in a sparsely populated area, will there be a city? Will I be astute enough to see it for what it is?
The wood watches me on my journey as surely as I am watching it, and each turn reveals new information to take in. 
Is the Flickerwood as confused by me as I am by it?

Sterling silver ring hammered on the edges and notched on the surface.

Beautiful and low profile, great for stacking or as midi rings.

Each ring is made to order and may not be exactly as pictured due to the handmade nature of the piece. 
there are two stocks of wire I use for this so there are two options to choose from.
choose the smaller wire for midi wear.

Each purchase is for one ring.

Inspired by futhark rune rods, an ancient method of communication for Nordic peoples.

This ring has a small amount of patina in the details of the design, it should not be cleaned in silver dip. 
Keeping it in it's sealed bag with the included anti tarnish paper is best when it's not being worn. 

Please reach  out with questions prior to purchase.

Please leave quarter sizes in your purchase comments or reach out to me to add your size to the list.