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Out of breath, I stop for a moment and catch myself in front of a stone surrounded by the same markings I saw on the portal, near the offering, and in other areas around the wood. They seem random but they must mean something to the denizens of the forest.
This stone looks different from every angle with different constellation-like patterns appearing from any direction. It glitters and seems to have a life of it's own but even someone skilled in reading tea leaves would have difficulty discerning meaning from this. There are faint tones coming from the stone, but they are difficult to make out for my ears.
Still, like any good tourist, I can't help but feel that this is a marker of sorts even if the language is wasted on me.

I pick a particularly nice looking clump of debris in the stone and turn in that direction. 
eventually I come across another stone. 
I pick another pattern from this one and travel again.
another stone. 

This seems about as close to street signs as the Flickerwood gets. Each direction I choose based on the stone has a bit of a path to it, the wild of the wood respecting that even forest creatures have places to be.

I start to make notes of the way the clusters look and which directions they take...

Sterling silver ring featuring a 10mm super 7 quartz. 

Beautiful and low profile, with a natural stone.

This ring is a size  7.75. 

Super 7 quartz is a stone of direction and channelling. sometimes called melody stone, it is a natural combination of several crystal inclusions in a carrier crystal. It brings properties together and tunes them to one path for the user.

This ring has a small amount of patina in the details of the design, it should not be cleaned in silver dip. 
Keeping it in it's sealed bag with the included anti tarnish paper is best when it's not being worn. 

Please reach  out with questions prior to purchase.
There is a small supply of similar stones available in my stock and similar pieces could be made in your size.